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Each of the two barrels of a Tau pulse weapon projects a single charged particle. The ImperiumOrksand Chaos Space Marines have high-damage, but unstable plasma weaponry that shoot balls of plasma, scaled as pistols, rifles, and of course as a plasma cannon, and scaled up even farther with Titan weaponry.

They hit less hard than traditional plasma weapons, but have much greater reliability and range, and still have significant stopping power; even the lowly pulse rifle is superior in range and firepower to almost every other basic small arm in the galaxy including the Space Marine bolter, which fires mini-rockets.

Magnetic Weapons

It's later used as an anti-aircraft weapon with an effective range spanning practically the entire continent it was built on. They can be used by the ship itself as offensive weapons, or picked up and used by the ship's resident Humongous Mechathe Vital Guarder as twin rifles.

It's called "man-portable" instead of "handheld" for a reason, being as big as a small truck. Under threat of everyone being consumed by the weapon, he convinces the Peacekeepers and Scarrans to pursue peace negotiations in return for him turning it off. In addition, several of the upper-tier units are apparently armed with railguns as evidenced by their name.

23rd century

In another episode pre-phase cannonsthey're testing spatial torpedoes. In New Vegas it's still a powerful gun but drains ammo much faster. In the Death Zone Russian Shared Universerifles used by the military and some merc groups fire magnetically-accelerated needles that can easily pierce flesh. Terran Conflict introduces the Gauss Cannon, a Teladi capital-ship weapon which deals tremendous hull damage, and instead of relying on the ship's generators to fire, uses crates of ammo.

Many mods feature the heavy use of plasma-based weapons.

23rd century

The railgun is the favored weapon of the main protagonist in the Young Justice fanfic, With This Ring. Railguns have the advantage that they are relatively simple devices and yet are still capable of very impressive muzzle velocities, limited only by the amount of available electric current and the robustness of the gun.

Though strangely enough given the short range of their cannons and handguns that don't penetrate all the way through the body cavity they may be significantly weaker than chemical fire arms. Same for Humongous Mecha -based ones.

The Terran Republic, on the other hand, have completely done away with all of the magnetic weapons they once used, and instead choose to only use. Inthe planetoid Orcus will have completed one orbit of the Sun since its discovery inbased upon current orbital measurements which give it a period of Earth years.

A doomsday structure that once built deploys and drills a hole to the mantle of a planet for one minute before dropping an unnamed device into the core, exploding the planet in a fashion similar to the Annihilaser.

Heat adding up from friction and imperfect electric contact leaves vapors and plasma trailing after the projectile. Crysis also features Gauss sniper rifles near the end of the game. The MovieJumba is held at gunpoint for a bargain, where he is said to be allergic to plasma.

Very large mass drivers were also the standard method of launching spacecraft from Earth to orbit. The only faction that don't use any are the Vanu whom use plasma-weapons but ALSO use a magnetic-based propulsion agent.

In Ark Royalthe titular armored carrier is the only human ship armed with mass drivers. In The Tickthere was the Galactus parody Omnipotus.

In Metroid Primewhere she had other beam weapons available at once, the plasma beam also appears to have a fairly lengthy charge time as opposed to her other weapons, in addition to a limited range when not charged, making it somewhat more realistic than most examples.

GURPS places railguns as superior to coilguns in terms of damage but they're otherwise the same.

Plasma Cannon

The Particle Projector Cannon alternates between a plasma cannon and a Lightning Gun depending on the artist and adaptation, but it is always a massive, highly accurate energy cannon that is so bright it can cause permanent eye damage.

When used for propulsion, it allows the quarter-ton amorph to fly around and try aerial acrobatics. Their main weapons are four mass driver cannons, which completely ignore Deflector Shieldsmaking them invaluable in fights against Star Destroyers several of these frigates could quickly take out the SD's shield generator, leaving it vulnerable to the rest of the Consortium fleet, especially if the SD is ambushed with the use of the Vengeance's cloaking device.

The energy weapons seen in the future segments may or may not be examples; it isn't specifically stated. Also, the Stellar Converter is mentioned to be an extremely-powerful plasma weapon.

The favored method of the Imperial Navy due to its lack of authorization to use the more advanced means. In Real Lifethey are only just beginning to enter military use as ofbut have long existed as experimental devices and toys see this.

Inthe planetoid Orcus will have completed one orbit of the Sun since its discovery inbased upon current orbital measurements which give it a period of Earth years. Battlefield Earth also features a device known as the "Psychlo ultimate bomb", which, when activated, causes all matter it touches to break down into hydrogen atoms technically fission, although there is no mention of release or absorption of energy.

List of fictional doomsday devices

The 23rd century will be the century of the Anno Domini or Common Era which, in the Gregorian calendar, will begin on January 1,and end on December 31, @@color(#04f): PPU @@(물리연산 프로세스 유닛) ; CPU가 담당하는 이미지 재생과 관련된 물리 연산을 전담하는 주변기기\n\n아수스코리아와 이엠텍은 말 물리연산카드를 국내에 출시하며 2∼3곳의 업체가 판매를 준비중이다.

The Plasma Cannon trope as used in popular culture. Plasma is one of the four states of matter, note Technically, it's one of six known forms. The two.

Magnetic Weapons

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Ogame computer technology research
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